Avoid Misperceptions, Engage the Truth with hyntster.

An app that lets you know what to avoid or engage within your community.

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Close Up Features

Hyntster puts the power of your community at your finger tips with these awesome features.

  • Topic Sentiment

    Unlike other social platforms, hyntster gives lets you know about topics that you should avoid or engage with.

  • Social Inclusion

    With hyntster, theres no adding "friends" or following people. Your instantly connected to a community of peers.

  • Sentiment Validation

    Just because one person has an opinion, doesn't mean it's right. With an "agree / disagree" feature, you have the opportunity to validate each hynt.

  • Custom Notification

    As you favorite users, topics and keywords, hyntster will send you notifications about new hynts that match your preferences.

About Hyntster

Hyntster is the new way to do social media. Users are empowered to say what they feel about a topic and provide a concrete sentiment on the subject by choosing to AVOID or ENGAGE it in ten words or less or a ten second video or less ( “Drop a Hynt”). What is Hyntster? It’s a simple concept. Drop a Hynt by creating a new post and AVOID a topic when you feel negative about it or ENGAGE a topic when you feel positive. And just like your local traffic light, AVOID, like “stop” is highlighted in Red and ENGAGE, like “go” in green! Communicate it quickly in a ten word or ten second Hynt! Be Kept In The Loop – Easier and Faster! Unlike the social media apps of today which make you add people and group pages to build a network to get your information, Hyntster brings the network directly to you! No more adding people or pages you may or may not like to be kept in the loop. Your first day on the app comes with a ready-made community full of user Hynts and trends! Use Hyntster Like Your Remote Control! You have the ability to tailor the Hynts on your feed with custom filters. Get Hynts from down South or down the block! “Mute” objectionable or uninteresting Hynts by blocking keywords or users, adjust your filters to tune out teenagers hynting about parties or favor keywords related to new restaurants as you venture through your neighborhood. Re-Hynt or Share messages you like through Hyntster, facebook, or Twitter. It’s all at your fingertips! With Hyntster, the applications are endless. Whether you’re an average Joe scouring news on the local bars or a multinational business seeking valuable consumer feedback on your new product, Hyntster’s got you covered.

  • Instantly Identify with the Sentiment of a Topic.
  • A Ready-Made Community Using the Principles of Social Inclusion.
  • Enlighten Your Community with Relavant and Real-Time Content.
  • Notifications Tailored to Your Interests and Preferences.


These screenshots capture some of the features available with hyntster.

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